Profile Codes

Type Codes

CY 10" Plate with Euro Profile ML Martise Locks
CYS 8" Plate with Euro Profile AL Aldrops
OR On Escutcheon with Euro Profile DC Door Closer
WR On Escutcheon without Euro Profile CDC Concealed Door Closer
KY 8" Plate with lever cut CHB Cabinet Handle Brass
PCY 10" Plate without any cut CHSS Cabinet Handle Stainless Steel
PKY 8" Plate without any cut KN Knob
PPS Pull on Plate (small)

Finish Codes

PPB Pull on Plate (big) SS Stainless Steel (Double Tone)
PR Pull on Rose FSS Brushed Stainless Steel
PR10 Pull on Rose 10" (upto 24") ATQ Antique Brass
GP Glass Pull Handle G / P Full Gold
    S / G Silver Gold
    S / L Satin Laquer (original Brass Finish)


Other Abbreviations

Hydraulic Hinges

IP 14-21 / SS / 0 SS 304 Hydraulic Hinge for 21 mm door thickness with 0 Crank
IP 14-21 / 8 Premium Hydraulic Hinge for 21mm door thickness with 8 Crank
IP 14-32 / 15 Thick Door Hydraulic Hinge for 32mm door thickness with 15 Crank
IP G / 0 Glass Hydraulic Hinge with 0 Crank
IP 165 Wide angle hinge opening angle 165
IP 14-21 / E / 8 Auto Hinge for 21mm door thickness with 8 Crank

Miscellaneous Items

IP DL 01 Drawer Lock
IP MPCY 01 Multipurpose lock in CY Profile
IP GSU / GSD Gas spring upside / downward
ET 01 SS Escutcheon square type with euro profile in SS Finish
SH SS Sliding Handle in SS finish
MC M5 Magnetic Catcher M5
DB 01 ATQ Door buffer brass Antique finish
GH5 FSS Gate Hook 5" in brushed stainless steel finished
DV 01 Premium Door viewer in SS finish
DG SS Premium Door Guard in SS finish


HSC High Security Cylinder
CCK Cylinder with Computer Key
C Cylinder with Normal Key
HC Half Cylinder
S1 One side knob & one side key
S2 Both side key insertion
S4 Privacy profile / bathroom cylinder
MK Master Key System
GMK Grand Master Key System
CLS Central Locking System

Decoding of Handles & Pull Handles

Door Architectural Hardware Supplier
Velma on 10” Plate with
Euro Profile in Silver Goild Finish
Villa Pull on Rose 18” in Gp Finish