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IPSA expert Door Architectural Solutions and Locking systems.

IPSA is one of the leading door hardware manufacturing companies in India. IPSA products are designed to meet the high end needs of consumers belonging to all income groups. Ease of use, design, high security and quality are the four major aspects that make IPSA a preferable brand.

From simple hardware solutions in homes, to high security solutions in hotels, offices, industries, schools, hospitals etc., our products are designed to make your life safer, securer and more comfortable.

With an open mind, and creativity, your hardware can produce results much above your expectations. Keeping this in mind, we bring to you a some security tips which will help in proper maintenance and better life of your hardware products.

security hardware in hotels

Home Solutions

We understand the importance of the security and privacy of your home. Locks and security systems for residential purposes must

builder hardware for hospital

Hotels & Hospitality

While allowing for security, the hospitality sector needs a welcoming entry point that is attractive and gives comfort to the

Back Door Solution Suppliers

Public Facility Locks
& Transportation

The customer comes first, and his comfort and safety are at the core of any public service facility. A lock and security solution for a public

Drawers and Cabinets Suppliers

Schools & Colleges

A secure environment is of primary importance to school security. Respect for privacy and, security is important, but equally or even more Read more...

builder hardware for industries

Office Solutions

The office is a place where people spend majority of their time building their career. The protection of sensitive business information

builder hardware for industries

Industrial Solutions

The Industrial sector includes mines, power stations, big manufacturing units and large distribution centrals.

Health Care

Any health care facility needs to reassure the visitor with its ambience. Comfort and safety is the core of any health care facility.