complete solutions | Education: Schools & Colleges

A secure environment is of primary importance to school security. Respect for privacy and, security is important, but equally or even more so is accessibility and ease of use to students who come from all age groups. Thus, keeping in mind the operational needs of the academic environment and safety of students and staff, our solutions for the education industry include options for main gate, general doors, cabinets and drawers, restricted access to areas such as labs and libraries and others.


Our new biometric attendance machine allows secure access to the students and teachers by recording their finger impression, thus restricting any type of unauthorized access. It also helps in maintaining attendance records of teachers and students.


Our solutions for the education industry include:


keypad locks for schools • Pull Handles
• Mortise Handle Lock + Half Cylinder
• Mortise Handle with Latch & Sliding Latch + Tower Bolt
• Locker/Keypad Lock
• Door Closers/ Stoppers

• Cabinet Handles
• Window Handles
• Auto Hinges/ Hydraulic Hinges
• M.P. / Magnetic Catcher