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The quality of manpower in the company is what distinguishes a successful company from an unsuccesful one. We here at IPSA believe in our people who make it all happens. Read about the core team of IPSA and see what they have to say about their career.
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Mr Anil Aggarwal / Chairman & Managing Director

Our company’s aim is to be the best in whatever we do; whether it be producing the best quality products or delivering the best

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Mr Raman Aggarwal / Director

You won't realize the value of a penny till the time you have worked hard to earn it”, believes Mr Raman Aggarwal, Director of the company. He aims at utilizing his current resources

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Mr Rajit Aggarwal / Director Business Development

Rajit, who is a new orientation to IPSA GROUP in the year 2011, is bringing a new life to the company with his advance and innovative

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Mrs Santoshi Sajhwan / PRO

Taking up new challenges and not being afraid of trying something new has helped Santoshi Sajhwan progress in her career at IPSA. Santoshi, currently is Public Relationship

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Mr Manoj / Marketing Head (Institutional Sales)

Energy and sociability are key attributes for a good sales manager, and Manoj has them in abundance.

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