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The office is a place where people spend majority of their time building their career. The protection of sensitive business information is of utmost importance. Because of this, office buildings and corporate environments call for a high level of security


While being welcoming and accessible, the workplace is one where you need to record discipline as much as quality of work and productivity. Besides the ease of use and convenience, these spaces need to handle a flow of people with varying access permissions throughout the day,


In the past few decades, security guards were hired to guard these places, but still the places remained unsecured. To overcome this problem electronic security devices have been introduced to completely secure this important world. Thus offices can include solutions for main entrances like physical access using smart cards or biometric fingerprint recording attendance machines for authorized entry, general doors and windows, restricted access in some office rooms or conference rooms using smart cards, cabinets and drawer solutions, emergency exits and others.


Our solutions for the commercial sector include:


digital security office system • Digital (Biometric, Passwords, DIY)
• Access Control + Pull Handles
• Electric Locks + Pull Handles
biometric system manufacturers • Patch Lock + Patch Fittings + Pull Handles
• Sliding Lock + Sliding Handle (Sliding Door)