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The implementation of anti-dumping policies and BIS Compliance by the Indian government on cabinet hinges and drawer slides in the Indian market will significantly impact the supply and pricing of cabinet hinges and slides. By imposing anti-dumping duties, the Indian government aims to protect domestic manufacturers from unfair competition caused by imported goods being sold at lower prices than their normal value. 

As a result, there will be a shift in demand towards locally manufactured cabinet hinges and slides, boosting the market share of Indian manufacturers. Additionally, the imposition of anti-dumping duties encourages a more level playing field for domestic producers, encouraging investment in the local manufacturing sector and promoting self-reliance in the production of cabinet hardware.

Regulatory Changes: Anti-Dumping and BIS Compliance

Anti-dumping duties on drawer slides are being introduced [1][2], and the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) now requires these products to meet strict quality and safety standards. These measures aim to reduce the presence of poor products, pushing the market towards certified, high-quality hardware. This shift will reshape the market landscape significantly.

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has published a new Quality Control Order called the Telescopic Ball Bearing Drawer Slide (Quality Control) Order, 2024.[3] This order will take effect six months after being published in the Official Gazette. It mandates that telescopic ball-bearing drawer slides must comply with Indian Standard IS 17954:2023 and carry the Standard Mark issued by the Bureau of Indian Standards, according to Scheme-1 of Schedule-II of the BIS (Conformity Assessment) Regulations, 2018.

Why This Matters For You

Let me make you clear with this question how it will benefit you and transform the industry.


By sourcing from a BIS-compliant and anti-dumping-aware manufacturer like IPSA, you can sidestep the risk of non-compliance fines that might impact both your vendor and yourself. The regulatory body will closely monitor all importers, so compliance is crucial. 

Additionally, working with a compliant manufacturer helps you avoid supply disruptions, ensuring a steady inventory flow. This proactive approach means you can maintain better inventory levels compared to relying on existing import stocks, enhancing your business stability.

Quality Assurance in Numbers

IPSA’s products meet the highest quality and durability standards, adhering to both ISO and BIS standards[4]. This commitment to excellence ensures that their hardware is robust and reliable. By exporting globally, IPSA demonstrates its ability to satisfy customers around the world, providing consistent and high-quality products. 

IPSA’s efficient production and distribution networks mean shorter lead times for any order size, ensuring you receive the quantities you need. Choosing IPSA guarantees top-tier products and exceptional service, enhancing your overall business operations.

Choose the Strongest Supplier in the Supply Chain

Following the changes in economic policies, there will be a significant shift in market share for these products due to the new BIS and Anti-Dumping Policies. It’s crucial to choose a supplier who can support your needs without disrupting your supply chain. 

IPSA stands out with over ten years of manufacturing experience in India, unmatched in the industry. We have substantial installed capacities to meet any demand, ensuring reliable and consistent supply to keep your operations running smoothly.

Support Local (Make in India)

By partnering with IPSA, you support the domestic economy and create local jobs, aligning with the “Make in India” initiative. This collaboration not only ensures high-quality, compliant products but also contributes to national growth and development. 

IPSA’s commitment to local manufacturing strengthens the economy and provides employment opportunities, making it a responsible and strategic choice for your business. Choosing IPSA means you’re investing in India’s future while securing reliable and superior products for your needs.

Market Stability: 

With fewer inferior products flooding the market due to BIS and anti-dumping policies, businesses will experience more stability and consistency. This will create healthier market conditions, allowing companies to focus on growth and innovation without the disruption caused by low-quality imports.

IPSA: India’s First Manufacturer of Cabinet Hinges & Drawer Slide

We’re excited to share that IPSA is the pioneer in India, producing cabinet hinges domestically from start to finish. Our extensive experience makes us uniquely capable of delivering products fully compliant with the latest BIS standards. Additionally, IPSA has already submitted the first application for BIS Certification on Cabinet Hinges. Choosing IPSA guarantees stable supply and competitive pricing, eliminating the uncertainties of international supply chains.


The Indian government’s new anti-dumping and BIS policies will boost local manufacturers by reducing low-quality imports. These measures will ensure better product quality, support domestic production, and promote economic growth. 

Choosing IPSA guarantees stable supply and competitive pricing, eliminating the uncertainties of international supply chains. It will also support local jobs, and align with the “Make in India” initiative, benefiting businesses and the economy. 

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